How to become a football coach?

Being a football coach is an arduous profession, where the obligation of result is crucial for the coach himself and for the team and the fans in general. Leading the team to victory is always a difficult task, even if the players are the best in the world. The success of a football team is based primarily on the collective work of the players obtained by the firm and strict guidelines of the coach. He must know the characteristics of each player, their physical form, as well as their psychological state, in order to always align the best possible team, one that is able to dominate and win a match.

The football coach can be accompanied and assisted by technical advisers and even physical trainers on youth football academy. He must notice the molds of the players to be able to compose the best possible team. Physical weaknesses (injuries, fatigue, discomfort, etc.) must also be identified by this leader of men.

The job of football coach
The football coach is an instructor like everyone else. It is the one who leads the team and each player, depending on the position he / she occupies in the field. He must create and maintain a rhythm of work in order to obtain positive results and a progression in the automatisms between each player in the field.

The coach must define tactics to adopt during a match, depending on the opponents. He must then have a pattern of play and exploit the qualities of each competitor to place on the field according to his abilities. The coach is first and foremost a very good technician, and a fine strategist. He must master all the techniques of football, to allow his team to have a sponsor and to have control over the game.

The football coach must have solid notions of psychology and have the spirit of a fighter. Indeed, he must also be a moral coach of the sportsman because in training, it does not speak only of physical effort! A men’s leader is the most appropriate qualifier for a football coach. It is a person who must know how to motivate and encourage his team and at the same time be strict and rigorous in the work. He plays a little psychologist role because if a player does not have the morale or has encountered some problems outside the sporting context, the coach can also advise him and cheer him up so that he is not disturbed during of a match. Alongside that, it must also be respected and be heard at the same time without departing from the sympathy and dynamics towards the players. Each member of the team must feel comfortable and understand that he is always listened to by his coach no matter what happens, even with regard to his personal life.

Become a football coach
To become a football coach in football clubs in Dubai, you must have done three to five years of study after the baccalaureate. A state certificate of sports instructor or BEES of the second degree must be obtained before becoming a coach at the local level.

At the national level, obtaining the third degree of BEES is compulsory with a specific rank of professional coach delivered by the football federation. You should know that no one can become a football coach without a diploma issued and approved by the state.

Most coaches today are former players themselves, not especially glories of the past, a mediocre player can become a great leader of man. But even though they are former practitioners, they must also rely on theoretical knowledge, be extremely observant and inculcate a competitive spirit to each of his players.

Coaches in amateur clubs usually receive a monthly salary of 1500 euros, while professionals earn from 3000 euros per month.